Prym Intimates unveils The Autumn/Winter 2021/2022 Collection

03 November, 2020

Prym Intimates, the world’s leading manufacturer of customised lingerie accessories, unveiled their spectacular new autumn winter collection 2021/2022 in September 2020. The awe-inspiring fashion concepts are featured under four themes - Clarity awaken, Revived folklore, Lucid figments of the imagination and Broaden perspectives.

Inspired by key seasonal trends the catalogues feature designs which are customer-centric and futuristic based on trending themes. Prym’s innovative, creative flair is showcased through the collections launched every year covering autumn-winter and spring-summer.

In an era where living smaller and smarter is becoming an ecological imperative, ‘Clarity Awaken’ embraces beauty, innovation and opportunity that comes from living with less. This concept is brought out by merging natural, organic textures, through sustainable innovations, modular versatility, and refined utility. Timelessness and classic designs that feed the taste for nostalgia are created with old-school embroideries, laces and vintage silhouettes. Rich pigmented hues, natural fibres that benefits the skin and naturestexture that appeal the younger market are combined to embrace the beautiful restraints of living with less.

A renewed interest in heritage brands and classic American looks is spurred through ‘Revived Folklore’ reaching back into history and inspired by nature. Patterns, and colours inspired from naturestexture including camouflage patterns in lace, devore mesh inspired by foliage and leafy motifs intensify appreciation of nature. A calming approach to sleepwear is brought through a Prairie folklore look with a minimal edge and ikat-inspired motifs on soft and marled neutrals. Escapist and expressive designs are created inspired by animal hides creating all over placements in authentic colours that emulate a second skin. These designs that revive indigenous cultures can be kept for a lifetime, not just a season.

‘Lucid figments of the imagination’ is about minimalism as idiosyncratic luxury. The design celebrate the return of black which is the new minimalism whilst focusing on glamorous looks that contrast natural and unnatural details. Stand out colours combined with traditional silks, floral elements and dark embroideries bring out the virtual world by blending tradition and technology and fetish and functionality. Time-worn histories and modern subcultures fuels a renewed punk-like rebellion through textured embroidery and lace, raw imperfect metal finishes and crimped torn surfaces. These designs turn a dark sense of drama and beauty into glamorous indulgence for the digital age.

Cross over designs are given a new spark through ‘Broaden perspectives’. Focused on super lightness, multi-function and optical impact, athleisure designs crossing over to streetwear and beachwear are created through knitting and fibre technology. Modern technology, engineered transparency and graphical laces are combined with astonishing colour effects to create a new contemporary look which is edgy and sporty. Innovative constructions, strange remixes that aid movement, puffer fabrics and 3D jacquards are combined to create post-gym workouts and loungewear which are multifunctional, sustainable and glamorous.

These timeless and sustainable designs fit for the times, are guaranteed to spark awe and inspiration.

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